“To respect the cat is the beginning of aesthetic sense.”

Erasmus Darwin

Welcome to  SALONICAT web-page devoted to my lovely breeds British Shorthair and Abyssinians cats.

My cattery was named by the city of  Thessaloniki (Salonica),  and is registered in “Association Felina Greece” (AFG), member of the WCF (World Cat Federation) and member of TICA (The International Cat Association)

Our main goal is to breed the specific breeds with ethics and love. Our cats are equal members of the family, each cat is respect for the separate and unique personalities. Our cats doesn’t live in cages, they have their own space in the house, full of toys, cat trees and there is also a sheltered outdoor area where they can go. Much attention is paid to the health of our cats. Their diet consists of dry and fresh high quality food which offer them all what is necessary to be healthy.

Our cats have excellent veterinary care; vaccinations, the blood-group type has already been determined by DNA. Tested for cat virus illnesses FELV/FIV. They have also been genetically tested for PKD and also been tested for HCM & Abyssinian are genetically tested for PRA and PK DEF.

Kittens should be at least 12-13 weeks old before they leave the cattery. According to European Union rules, vaccination against rabies must be inoculated at least 21 days before kittens leave.

Our kittens will be ready for the new home with:
1. With adoption contract
2. Dewormed minimum 2 times
3. Vaccinated
4. Microchiped
5. Pet Passport-Vet check, for the kittens sealing abroad with EU VetPass
6. Favorite food and Toys
7. “Association Felina Greece” (WCF) Pedigree and transfer by request
8. Test results that parents are negative for FeLV, FIV, HCM and PKD.

More information about the contract and possible more tests can be send by requests.


I’m Greek man, born in Thessaloniki and live now in Poland near Lodz. I studied nursing and I have worked in various institutions dealing with people with disabilities as well as Units Psychosocial Rehabilitation.

My love for cats has led me to the creation of the cattery SALONICAT with British Shorthair and Abyssinian cats. I was the vice president of “Association Felina Greece” member of WCF. I was steward in several cat exhibitions in Greece and abroad, I’ve also participating in the WCF “Breeder of Excellence” Seminar, and have the certificates from all 3 parts. I am interested in felinotherapy which connect my profession with my hobby.

Christos Chrysidis

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